Chatty Carly

I recently was talking to a man, and the conversation went downhill quickly once he started talking about being raptured, as if it was a common conversational topic like talking about the weather.  The problem with this is two-fold:  firstly, it is nearly impossible to sidestep that comment because I was so dumbfounded by it, … More Chatty Carly

Bathtub Gin

I recently stumbled upon a list of “speakeasies” that exist in Seattle.  I use the term lightly as the fact that they were published on a list probably disqualifies the bars as real speakeasies.  But my ideal bar would feel like a speakeasy:  it would be dimly lit (so I don’t have to worry about … More Bathtub Gin

Day One Dilemma

It’s a weird feeling starting a brand new job.  I very quickly become a ball of anxiety about random things.  It used to be “I have no job, how am I going to put a roof over my head, how will I eat, what will I do about health insurance, am I stuck here permanently, … More Day One Dilemma