Seattle Scrooge

There’s something in the air during the holidays.  I can’t explain it, but it’s a palpable difference in the atmosphere that is almost magical.  People seem kinder, there’s the cool crispness in the weather, and everything feels different somehow.  A week ago, I heard the Wham! version of “Last Christmas” on the radio.  I shamelessly … More Seattle Scrooge

Pie Problems

Adjusting to a new workplace is never the easiest of feats.  Being “the new person” usually involves investing a solid amount of effort in meeting your coworkers and awkward mingling around the office.  Add living in Seattle to that mix, and it gets a little trickier.  Add working in a cubicle in a seemingly abandon … More Pie Problems

The Seattle Argument

A few days ago at work there was an mass office email circulating about how someone set a burrito on fire in the microwave, causing smoke to filter through the building and cause the whole floor to smell like charred Mexican food.  My initial reaction was, “Oh shit, did I bring a burrito for lunch?” … More The Seattle Argument