When my friend texted me “What are you doing tomorrow, and do you like steak?”  I knew it was an omen for good things to come. She had extra tickets to a steak festival of sorts in Seattle called Cowabunga.  The event of the night was called Seared, where various restaurants were giving out small … More Cowabunga

Three Beep Threat

After traveling I always need a recharge, which usually involves watching some mindless tv and not leaving my apartment unless absolutely necessary for a few days. And drinking plenty of wine of course. So a few weeks ago my only past time was counting down the work clock until I could pour a glass of vino … More Three Beep Threat

Doors of Dublin

When I landed in Ireland from Seattle, I had 15 hours in Dublin before jetting off to Budapest at 5am. Between not sleeping well the night before I left Seattle, to not sleeping well on the plane ride over, I was running on empty by the time I landed in Dublin. Adrenaline did the trick … More Doors of Dublin