Cutting The Cheese

My love of cheese runs deep.  Ask anyone who really knows me and they can likely come up with some specific and telling stories. I went home for Christmas and my friend and her fiance brought me out to a restaurant specifically to get a cheese board. My aunt got me a wheel of blue … More Cutting The Cheese

Cake Teeth

I woke up the morning after my 30th birthday, sipping a cup of coffee as I stared into my empty fridge hoping something would magically appear.  I’d been spread pretty thin for the previous 15 days and had nothing of nutritional value left to eat. Luckily for me, I was given a chocolate birthday cake … More Cake Teeth

Grocery Gabber

I walked into my apartment after another full week of work only to look in my refrigerator and realize I was lacking in everything that I needed to make a sufficient meal that an adult human being would make for herself.  I had some food from Omaha Steaks in my freezer.  But I didn’t possess … More Grocery Gabber