Flaunt Your Farmer’s Tan

I’m a creature of habit.  And while I used to be better at going with the flow about a decade earlier, now my life has become a series of plans. If we haven’t planned it out, I probably can’t fit it into my schedule. That isn’t always true, but my calendar each month tends to … More Flaunt Your Farmer’s Tan

The Big 3-0

As my 30th birthday lingered in the forefront of my mind, I dealt with it as well as I know how to deal with anything else daunting:  completely immerse myself in something else and hope that I’ll be so distracted that I won’t think of it. And oddly enough I was fairly successful at that.  … More The Big 3-0

San Diego Sidetrip

I sat next to a man on the bus who was sound asleep, his whole body flopping around, lifeless, with every turn we took.  It was the only seat available to me at that time, so I reluctantly sat next to him, blatantly staring and looking for signs of life as fifteen minutes passed with … More San Diego Sidetrip