Gotta Keep Moving

This summer has been a stark contrast from my last summer here in more ways than one.  I hit my one year anniversary of living in Seattle in June, though I’m a far cry from considering myself a “Seattle-ite.” Last year I was in 90 degree heat, working on my tan by the water, jobless … More Gotta Keep Moving

Human Bus Schedule

It seems to me that my time here ranges on extremes a lot of times, meaning I either have a wonderful experience or something really sets me a few steps backwards in life.  Seattle is a range of the good, the bad, and the weird for me. I didn’t write anything last week because I … More Human Bus Schedule

San Diego Sidetrip

I sat next to a man on the bus who was sound asleep, his whole body flopping around, lifeless, with every turn we took.  It was the only seat available to me at that time, so I reluctantly sat next to him, blatantly staring and looking for signs of life as fifteen minutes passed with … More San Diego Sidetrip

Holiday Hijinks

Spoiler alert:  I don’t make New Years resolutions, and this isn’t the story of how I started this year with a life changing step forward.  I personally think people should stick to their guns rather than be chameleons or focusing on half-assed resolutions that, statistically speaking, they likely won’t end up keeping anyhow.  I figure … More Holiday Hijinks

Seattle Scrooge

There’s something in the air during the holidays.  I can’t explain it, but it’s a palpable difference in the atmosphere that is almost magical.  People seem kinder, there’s the cool crispness in the weather, and everything feels different somehow.  A week ago, I heard the Wham! version of “Last Christmas” on the radio.  I shamelessly … More Seattle Scrooge