Seattle Snowmageddon

One of the things I enjoy about living in Seattle is the lack of snow and cold weather. Yes, it gets dreary and rainy, but we only get a dusting of snow here and there during the winter. January was cold but not unmanageable. Then we got a few inches of snow in early February … More Seattle Snowmageddon

Bitch Is Back

“Hi, Friend.  How are you this evening?” I looked up at the waiter guessing that I didn’t know him but doing a double take just in case he was actually a friend of mine from another life and we happened to be crossing paths again. I confirmed he was a complete stranger, and instead of … More Bitch Is Back

Grocery Gabber

I walked into my apartment after another full week of work only to look in my refrigerator and realize I was lacking in everything that I needed to make a sufficient meal that an adult human being would make for herself.  I had some food from Omaha Steaks in my freezer.  But I didn’t possess … More Grocery Gabber