The Grinch: An Autobiography

It’s no secret that the Grinch is my Christmas Spirit doppelgänger.  Cuddly as a cactus?  Check.  Heart an empty hole?  Done.  Garlic in my soul?  I don’t entirely understand what that means, but it doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me. I don’t love how he treats his dog, but I find it perfectly … More The Grinch: An Autobiography

Holiday Hijinks

Spoiler alert:  I don’t make New Years resolutions, and this isn’t the story of how I started this year with a life changing step forward.  I personally think people should stick to their guns rather than be chameleons or focusing on half-assed resolutions that, statistically speaking, they likely won’t end up keeping anyhow.  I figure … More Holiday Hijinks