The Bus Disease

It was a cold and rainy Seattle morning, and I had just finished texting a friend of mine a story about my inherent uncoolness.  I put my phone away and stepped on the bus.  It turned the corner as I was walking down the middle of the aisle looking for an open seat.  And in … More The Bus Disease

The Weekend Recharge

I’ve been running on fumes this month and finally had a weekend off last week.  For me this easily translates into spending at least one day being a lazy bum, sleeping for 12 hours and then watching movies and reading all day.  I should be catching up with people, but I needed a day for … More The Weekend Recharge

Hot as Hades

I’ve been praying for Seattle summer to magically appear for months now.  When it finally seemed like the clouds had parted, my life seemed set.  I haven’t been in the city very often because I’ve been traveling with work.  But even when I get fed up with the holier-than-thou-passive-aggressive Seattle attitude, there’s something about a … More Hot as Hades

Utah 9

I can safely say my job at this point in time utilizes two of my life skills:  travel and talking to complete strangers.  As everyone has learned who knows me, my days are frequently filled with random interactions with strangers, so I may as well get paid to talk to people in different places around … More Utah 9

Social Hiatus

As the man sitting directly behind me on the bus belched loudly and repeatedly, I found myself wondering how my life had come to this moment. I frequently bitch about how I loathe the passive aggressive attitude in Seattle, but I contemplated if it had rubbed off on me while I debated what my next … More Social Hiatus

Stalking Santa

I woke up yesterday morning with a fireball tattoo on my wrist and red fuzz all over my pillow.  I spent the next 30 minutes in a groggy stupor, picking the red chunks out of my hair scrubbing the temporary tattoo off of my body, glad I had opted for the wrist placement versus the … More Stalking Santa